PDM gets 22 potential candidate applications; public meeting tomorrow

The People’s Democratic Movement confirmed that their application process is now closed for potential candidates for the upcoming General Elections; Monday was the final day to express interest according to National Chairman, Doug Parnell.

Twenty-two people, including four women are interested in filling the eight candidate vacancies the PDM has, as Election Day approaches; Parnell said all incumbents will re-offer.

Magnetic Media was told that now, it is up to the Candidates Committee, led by Carl Been to determine who the two at large and six district candidates will be.

Parnell said the Thursday night public meeting here in Providenciales at their headquarters is one of the ways the potential candidates will show to that Committee, which is also staffed with the party’s leader and deputy leader, their likability.

The submitted applications and letters reflect individuals who are young and not so young, professionals, blue collar, they are business men and business women explained Parnell in our one on one interview late yesterday.

Doug Parnell shared, there will be a survey within the electoral districts to ascertain which potential candidates are the preferred choice; the selection process, despite these steps will happen quickly, according to the Chairman. Parnell stated, and I quote: “We are waging a campaign to win and to put forth candidates who are electable and can win.”

Magnetic Media was also told that it is not mandatory that potential candidates speak at the Provo meeting of the PDM, but Parnell said he believes a number of them will take up the opportunity.

Parnell has himself already expressed his interest in the Cheshire Hall, Richmond Hill district.

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