Governor says voters need to decide on Independence

The Turks and Caicos voter may not be seeing the kind of visionary leadership it needs as we near the 2016 General Elections, a sentiment expressed by the territory’s Governor this past Monday, as he also said the Turks and Caicos should see if voters want independence.
“…the Foreign Office will not stand in the way of the process to see if it is a vision shared by a majority of the population.”
Governor Peter Beckingham in his remarks told TCI politicians at the National Heroes Day Memorial Service that they need to look longer into the future and map out a vision for the country in the way that the late Right Excellent JAGS McCartney, did.
Suggesting, that it is time to see what the nation wants when it comes to Independence from the UK.  In an eventful service held in Grand Turk, there seemed to be heavy hitting statements presented speaker after speaker after speaker; and His Excellency Peter Beckingham was no exception. 
He said,  “It is easy to focus on the immediate, the quick road fix, or the next tourism development. But what we need is a long term vision for Turks and Caicos: its place in the region, its relationship with the UK, its approach to citizenship. These are all issues that JAGS McCartney did, and would have continued, to emphasise.” 
H.E. said he often wonders where the Turks and Caicos would have been if Rt Excellent JAGS were still alive, pointing to his energy as extraordinary. 
“He looked for the long term improvement of labour policy and the employment rights of workers. He also had a vision of an independent Turks and Caicos Islands, loosening its historic, traditional ties with the United Kingdom.”
Governor Beckingham spoke of the General Election this year, and repeatedly advised the current political parties represented and others aspiring to office, that the country needs true vision at the helm. 
“With an election within about six months here I hope we can all encourage our politicians – and other leaders in the church, public service and education – to look beyond the short term and articulate their vision for this country.”

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