DEMA wants more comments from public on National Parks Ordinance

Providenciales, 15 Dec 2015 – DEMA is making a final push for understanding and feedback on the National Parks Ordinance amendment bill.

The bill has already been approved at Cabinet and is igniting a firestorm of controversy in some quarters because it proposes to take some areas out of National Park protection to make way for resort and housing development.

A case in point, Silly Cay in the waters of Chalk Sound; the tiny island is reportedly already sold.

Daniel LeVin launched an online campaign and petition which has so far amassed over 20,000 views of his video, 760 shares of that Facebook posted video and 26 comments.

DEMA Director, Dr. John Claydon today told Magnetic Media in an interview, they just want to hear from the public and have already had a series of meetings and have gathered about 500 pages in public perspectives on the proposed changes to the current law.

Dr. Claydon confirmed that Silly Cay is among those to be taken off the list of National Parks and confirmed that it will mean that development can happen on the island.

When we researched Silly Cay on the internet, we find that already lots are being sold and it seems there are plans to create a marina at Silly Cay.

The Amendments which span 65 pages will also give DEMA officers new authority; similar to a traffic police officer. These DEMA officers will now be able to ticket individuals who break laws like soliciting without a license or to the point of nagging tourists, to those lighting fires without a permit and to someone guilty of sexual harassment, for example.

The Director says the deadline has been extended to January 17 and you can visit the DEMA website to view the amendments, pick up copies of the amendments at their offices and at the libraries and you can click through to immediately give electronic feedback; all comments said Claydon are welcomed.

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