Sex Crimes, Gambling and sold out Politicians cited as TCI problems PDA can fix

Providenciales, 11 Jan 2015 – Former Chief Minister and former leader of the Opposition PDM party, Oswald Skippings has ignited a firestorm of scenarios for a General Election outcome now that he has officially, more publicly launched his Progressive Democratic Alliance.

With a dove carrying an olive branch as its symbol, green as its colour and flanked by seven executive members and future candidates, the PDA leader spent around an hour articulating why his party was formed, what his party plans to do, and lashing the current political parties and members of the House of Assembly for inaction.

Skippings, on Friday said it would take two days to list the litany of complaints and concerns coming his way.

“…something is drastically wrong when we have more casinos and gambling houses in Provo than they have in Nassau, Bahamas. Yet we are wondering why families are disintegrating, why kids are being neglected and going astray so young why social and domestic problems are mounting, again something is drastically wrong when we have so many government sanctioned prostitution joints that is supplied by human and sex trafficking.”

The man, who is often painted as anti-foreign said that he is not.

“Youth who have been short-changed, abandoned and sold out for work permits, sold out for free food and drinks at restaurants and perks at hotels.”

And the man, who failed to secure his own seat in the 2012 General Election, said once again he will run at large to the nation and shared why he believes he would win this time.

“Well, like good wine, I’ve gotten better with age.”

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