Poachers found Sunday; slammed with seven charges

Providenciales, 13 Jan 2015 – The Marine Police Air Patrol managed to thwart another raping of TCI waters by poachers this past Sunday; and ten men were taken into custody and will be charged for illegal fishing, by illegal means of seasonal catch.

Seven laws were broken by a group of ten poachers caught red handed near Whale Breakers Cay, about 24 miles south of South Caicos this past Sunday.

The Marine Police Air Patrol spotted the group, alerted DEMA and the men will now face charges of taking marine product without a license, taking marine product using breathing apparatus, possession of spear guns, taking marine product by use of spear gun, use of unlicensed vessels in TCI Waters, possession of Nassau Grouper during closed season and possession of parrot Fish.

DEMA Director, Dr John Claydon explains in a media release that “Every time we seize a boat and put poachers in jail we send a strong message. This is important because the illegal fishing will not stop until poachers understand that it is not worth the risk – they will lose money and go to jail.”

There was also thank you to the officers who executed and made the arrests.

Those poachers already had 200lbs of illegal catch.

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