New categories for legal fishing proposed in Parks amendments bill

Providenciales, 17 Dec 2015 – The National Parks Amendments will create a new category for fishing if approved as is; Director Dr. John Claydon in a one on one with Magnetic Media said the two categories will expand where fishing can happen while preventing destructive practices.

The change is to make current ‘fishing zones’ to be ‘non commercial fishing zones’ which means for residents there is a greater area protected for recreational fishing that is non commercial.

The term ‘fishing zones’ will allow both commercial and recreational fishing to happen and three national parks will be expanded to give the fishing industry more places within which to fish.

The proposal names them as: Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park, West Caicos Marine National Park and East Bay Islands National Park.

Dr. Claydon said the proposals were determined by the National Parks Ordinance Review Committee. The members of the Committee were representatives of the Office of the Premier, Environment and Home Affairs, Attorney General’s Chambers, DEMA, National Trust, Planning Department, Water Sports interests, members of the Public and the Opposition party.

The amendments which span 65 pages in a document posted at the DEMA website are already Cabinet approved, but the public contribution will be presented to Cabinet for further considerations.

The consultation has as its final deadline January 17, 2016.

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