More witnesses needed in Five Cays killing of Filipino

Providenciales, 29 Dec 2015 – Police say they want and need more witnesses to piece together the killing on Sunday night at the Bryant Cox apartment complex in Five Cays.

A 46 year old man of the Philippines was pronounced dead at 9:32pm on December 27 after some kind of confrontation.

No identity of the man is released as yet by Police, who say they want to be sure the family is well informed first.

There is still no clarity either on what kind of injuries the 46 year old, who reportedly worked for Bishop Bryant Cox, received but the hospital yesterday confirmed that both men who were rushed to the Cheshire Hall Medical Center had multiple wounds. The second man is a 38 year old also employed with Pastor Cox and who was initially said to be in critical condition.

The hospital confirmed multiple wounds but that the victim was released after being treated; it was not stated whether the injury was caused by knife or gun by the authorities. Both weapons are named in some accounts to Magnetic Media.

A police press statement says they appreciate the cooperation so far in the probe, but that investigations are ongoing and more information is welcomed.

Magnetic Media learned of the incident at Bryant Cox apartments around 9pm on Sunday.

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