Home invasion leaves one Filipino dead; another hospitalized

Providenciales, 28 Dec 2015 – The report of a deadly home invasion has marred the happiness of the holidays for many, especially those in the Filipino community after one man is killed and another seriously injured.

The report came to Magnetic Media on Sunday at just minutes to 11pm; that an attempted break in at an apartment unit in Five Cays resulted in a fatal encounter where a migrant worker was violently killed and another was, at first, critically injured and rushed to hospital.

Both men are from the Philippines and it has sent a wave of grief through the local, close knit community which says the hardest part now is contacting family back home to convey the horrible news.

Up to news production time, there was no information coming from Police and it remained unclear how many were responsible for attack. Reports on what was used to commit the crime varied; but it was an armed assault.

Within 90 minutes of getting the news of the double attack, Magnetic Media learned, that the second man was in stable condition. The frightening incident comes one week after the Governor, Premier and Police Commissioner met in the newly formed National Security Council with talks on contending with crime… it also comes one year after the brutal killing of a Blue Hills young man, Kensley Walters, whose murder remains unsolved.

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