CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2015 From the Hon Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the PDM

Providenciales, 25 Dec 2015 – What a blessing it is to have made it this far in 2015. It is only by God’s grace and mercy we are alive and at our station in life. I am indeed grateful for the gift of life and for the privilege to address you from this platform another year and so it is with a heart of gratitude and one filled with hope that I greet you our residents and visitors alike.

As this year draw near its end, it is more innate than customary that we begin a period of reflection. This year has seen many challenges and while many are struggling to find cause to celebrate or to be cheerful, I wish to call us to reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

If we were to allow ourselves to be stuck in what was a difficult year for many and if we were to dwell on the lack of material things or the past hurts, losses and disappointments in 2015, then we would be robbing God of the gratitude and thanksgiving that He deserves. I offer you the following thoughts: whatever you have been through and are going through, you have made it this far and not without God’s grace and mercy and whatever you anticipate for the new year, God is already there ahead of you. This is enough to be thankful for and enough to encourage us to trust Him with our past and more importantly our future.

And as we reflect on this time of year, let us not miss the true reason we pause to celebrate. It is all about Jesus and what His birth signified. His birth, the greatest gift and expression of love, signaled an opportunity for man to be reconciled back to God. His very birth offered eternal hope, peace and joy. In these times, we ought to want to pause from all of the hustle and bustle to delight ourselves in this reality. As we celebrate, while we reflect on the birth of Jesus, let us also seek to emulate the life that He led: one of peace, love and giving. Throughout His time on earth, He delighted in being around and meeting the needs of people especially the disadvantaged. Let us do what we can to minister to those in need: not just in an encouraging word but in real deeds. Let us give lovingly, cheerfully, and for no praise from men, but for the glory of God.
In our time of reflection, with thankful and grateful hearts, let us give God the praise that is due Him for keeping us to this time, for the tests and challenges that did not kill us but can and will serve to make us better, for the gift of life, family and friends and for the gift of His Son, the Promise that brings us hope in this time.

During this season, give your family some quality time, give praise and celebrate in a place of Worship, give to those less fortunate and in all be sure to give God all the glory.

On behalf of the PDM Party: our officers, members and families, and with grateful and thankful hearts, I extend to you a very Merry Christmas and a Christ filled New Year. In this New Year, it is our prayer that you will embrace the new possibilities and beginnings that it will bring and remember that whatever our struggles and challenges in life and wherever we might find ourselves, there is still the opportunity to start anew, to change our attitude and outlook.

This is a time of reflection, sharing, hope and new possibilities.

In the words of an unknown author, “May you have the spirit of Christmas which is peace, the gladness of Christmas which is hope and the heart of Christmas which is love.”

And from my heart to yours, may the Christ of Christmas fill your hearts and homes.

Again I wish for you a very Merry Christmas and a Christ filled 2016.

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