MPs say they know nothing about pay raise

Director-EugeneOtuonyeProvidenciales, 25 Nov 2015 – House of Assembly members were the subject of scorn on social media when residents got wind of the headline blazoned across the front of the TCI Sun newspaper; it reads that there will be pay increases for all MPs.

However, when Magnetic Media checked in with members of the honourable House of Assembly, at least one commented that he knows nothing about a salary hike.

In reading the article, one sees that the story focuses on a pay report by the Integrity Commission; the Commission is responsible for determining the salaries of parliamentarians. The so called, Remuneration Report seems to have been done some time ago and reveals that there are salary disparities between TCI politicians and other Westminster-styled jurisdictions.

Eugene Otuonye, Integrity Commission Director is quoted in the story saying the Remuneration Report is a living document which will be subject to review from time to time. While the report outlines what offices like Premier, Deputy Premier, Cabinet Ministers, Speaker, Deputy House Speaker and Leader of the Opposition should be getting, it does not say that these members certainly will be receiving the pay raise. In fact, a pay raise for the MPs is not imminent as there must be wider consultation for any changes to be made.

Coincidentally, the House of Assembly meets today in Grand Turk and it is expected this issue will be mentioned by at least some of the members.

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