Crime focus, more than guns says PDM Party

Providenciales, 08 Oct 2015 – All crimes and not just gun violence are a growing problem in the Turks and Caicos, and the People’s Democratic Movement in a recent media statement said country leaders ought not forget it.

During their radio talk show, the PDM Opposition Party said illegal sex, underage sex and underage drinking, illicit drug smuggling, abuse and dealing and gang violence are crimes too and these are also eating away at the moral fiber of the country.

The PDM slams who they call, ‘persons in officialdom’ for denial of the true situation and lack of pro-activity.

“The knee jerk reactive leadership cannot be tolerated in the fight against crime. We expect the Government to provide the much needed resources and to be sustainable in its approach.”

The PDM says police are denied sufficient resources, cite that there is no clear plan of action and pointed out that the National Security Council is not a new concept.

“Whilst we welcome the reintroduction of a National Security Council that first existed under the 2006 Constitution and the call for outside help, we will never move away from our approach and call for the provision of resources to build internal capacity… this can only come through frank discussions and clear admissions of the true picture.”

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