PDM Shadow Minister says TCIs Infrastructure is Crumbling

Providenciales, 09 Sept 2015 – Two days into the 2015 Academic school year and already motorist are complaining about the congestion, the traffic and the long commute in and out of the community each morning.

For years, the issue of traffic has been a major concern for residents but it is now exasperated by the traffic from parents and bus operators dropping children off to school.

Concerns were also raised by Shadow Minister of Infrastructure Hon. Delroy Williams who accused the government of diverting resources to less important matters, Williams pointed out that “the government spent one million dollars on new vehicles while TCI’s infrastructure is crumbling and the pressing needs of the people have gone unmet.”

The Shadow Minister promised that the PDM government would build new roads, new schools and address the traffic problem in Blue Hills “by constructing an alternate route into the community.”

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