Power outage row – Patients say back-up failed; Hospital says it worked

Providenciales, 20 Aug 2015 – The TCI Hospitals late yesterday issued statement to explain the power outage at the medical facility in Providenciales, but it did not pacify those who say the back-up generators did not come on for hours.

Public Relations executive, Takara Bain said: “The Hospital’s back-up systems ensured that there was no failure or reduction in the performance of critical Hospital equipment and the welfare and safety of patients was never in jeopardy.”

Magnetic Media reported that the Cheshire Hall Medical Center lost electricity around 6:03am due to a FortisTCI power failure, and that the contingency for electricity kicked in, but residents wrote to us to say that is not true. Mainly we heard from dialysis patients and friends, who said they waited and waited for hours and no electricity ever came on.

Ms. Bain said power was restored at 8:22am by Fortis, and following that, “all the hospital’s systems were then subjected to internal checks to ensure that they had not been adversely affected by the interruption in supply.”

Nonetheless, residents were adamant that there was no restoration of power internally at the hospital site; we have asked the TCI Hospitals to explain themselves in the wake of this further backlash from the general public.

As soon as we get it, we will convey how the hospitals, which receives nearly $4 million dollars per month from TCIG explains this contentious and if true, potentially dangerous predicament.

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