Police getting more money, Opposition Leader says Govt should do better for the Force

Sharlene RobinsonProvidenciales, 06 Aug 2015 – More has got to be done by everyone to thwart the growing incidences of crime; the sentiment was today expressed in a media statement by the leader of the People’s Democratic Movement, Hon Sharlene Robinson.

While Robinson is calling on all of the TCI to fight crime, she pointed out that when the House of Assembly reconvenes for debate there will be a budget supplementary and that the PNP Administration’s request for extra money includes more money for the police force, however, Robinson is disappointed in the details.

I quote her now: “A few weeks ago, the Premier responded to the deaths of two young men and called a meeting with the Commissioner of Police. We heard of greater commitment to resources for the Police and we waited for an opportunity to support additional expenditure. On August 17th we are entertaining a Supplementary for the Police and I had hoped to see funding for much more than what is being brought.”

The PDM Leader added that she knows the family of the man murdered in Blue Hills last night; that he grew up in South Caicos and explained that largely, it is her party’s view that: “We need the Police to identify their needs and work with all stakeholders towards the realization of a shared goal. We need us as residents and citizens to realize that we all have a part to play and we need to be committed to keeping TCI safe and to the protection of our children and ourselves.”

Hon Robinson offered prayers and condolences to the family.

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