LIME New General Manager announces TV is coming soon

Providenciales, 06 Aug 2015 – New General Manager for LIME, in her debut event as the lead at LIME TCI talked about the launch of 4GLTE.

“LIME customers can truly experience the amazing data, the processing power of these devices with speeds of up to 35MBs on their handsets and will be able to surf, stream and download as if they were using our superfast broadband service at home; that’s right, it’s just as if you were using our superfast speed broadband at home.”

Delleriece Hall was hailed by women’s advocate, Rita Gardiner, as the first female GM of LIME in the Turks and Caicos and only one of two leading ladies for the telecoms company in the region.

LIME also says their Islandcom migration of customers would have been completed on the weekend, it was the final phase and that in just months, the company, Mrs. Hall says is poised to launch TV.

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