Grounded; TCIAA suspends flight operations at Provo Intl Airport

Providenciales, 28 Aug 2015 (by Shorrell Dames, @magneticmedia1) – Flight operations suspended in the TCI due to TS Erika; the TCIAA announced on Thursday that flight operations at Providenciales International Airport will be suspended from 6 p.m. Friday 28th August to 12 p.m. Sunday 30th August.

TS Erika is expected to have sustained winds at 46knts with higher gusts that when paired with Erika’s torrential rain would inevitably result in adverse conditions.

Airport Authority’s CEO, John Smith says that, the TCIAA “remains committed to serving the flying public in the safest manner and are taking every precaution to ensure this.”

The Airports Authority is closely monitoring the storms progress and will issue updated reports as warranted, board and management of the Airports Authority apologizes to the public for any inconvenience caused.

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