Sorrowful season at Abundant Life Church in Provo; two being mourned

Samantha Glinton at WorkProvidenciales, 20 Jul 2015 – It was another emotional Sunday for the Abundant Life Ministries International Church yesterday … the congregation is still in mourning over the death last week Sunday of Senior Prosecutor, Samantha Glinton and then the sudden passing of Sidney Stuart on Tuesday.

Stuart, a taxi driver, former chauffeur for former Premier, Michael Misick; armor bearer for Bishop C Alexander Williams (pastor of Abundant Life church) and a popular singer was found dead at his home in Kew Town.

Magnetic Media was informed that his mother is on island now; she is originally from Turks and Caicos but resides in Holmes Rock, Grand Bahama. While Sidney will be laid to rest in Grand Bahama on Saturday coming, there is a memorial planned for 45 year old Stuart at Abundant Life this Thursday evening.

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