Police make arrests for drugs, theft and confirms Stuart’s death at home

Providenciales, 17 Jul 2015 – The police gave a series of reports which include a 22 year old man charged with possession of 122 grams of marijuana; he appears in court next Tuesday after the illegal drug was allegedly found in his bag.

Police talk about a search which turned up as many as six stolen watches. A 32 year old man, resident in The Bight is alleged to have those stolen goods at his home and remains in police custody.

A 21 year old man of The Bight is also being held for allegedly being in possession of a long list of goods that reportedly are not his, believed stolen. The man is charged with possession of drugs for the three large flower pots where suspected marijuana plants were growing and handling 33 items of stolen goods like cameras, computer hardware and audio equipment.

Three suspects were charged with three different crimes on Wednesday including burglary, burglary of a motor vehicle and fighting. Two of the men are in police custody; one man got bail.

Police also confirmed the death scenario of 45 year old Sidney Stuart, found in his Kew Town residence on Tuesday around 3:30pm; the autopsy will say for sure how Stuart, who once chauffeured the former Premier, died.

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