Haitian Community works to mend and maintain good relations in TCI; Clean Up kicks off efforts

Providenciales, 17 Jul 2015 – The Haitian community is working assiduously it seems to transform the current view of their people living in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The TCI Haitian Organization is an independent group and yesterday sat with Environmental Health Director Kenrick Neely to talk up a Saturday morning clean up in Kew Town, but pledged a lot more. Donald Metilus is a founder of the organization: “We are here to show them that we understand that they love us and we want to return the love to them by helping them protect the areas by watching people who are fighting and trying to commit violence, like crime and stuff like that. We are totally against it and enough is enough and also to keep the area clean.”
Comments and criticisms launched at the Haitian expatriates when it comes to cleanliness and crime are a topic of conversation and source of frustration; leaders in the Haitian community are aware and are also appalled by the thought of relations with the TCI people being strained.

Clara Lightbourne of the Haitian Organization: “The clean-up campaign is something that the Haitian Organization put together, we start with Dock Yard but we are not only touching Dock Yard, we are touching the whole Turks and Caicos Islands community. We want to make the Turks and Caicos Islands a better Community and to do that we have to start by cleaning up.

The Organization was formed a couple of months ago to better the community because we are aware that as Haitian Nationalities, so much things happen here in the Turks and Caicos Islands regarding the Haitians and the TCI Government we want to ensure the government we are here to help.”

The clean-up campaign which begins at 6am tomorrow is just the beginning and has been promoted for some six weeks within the Haitian community; Neely congratulated the TCI Haitian Organization for its proactivity and has thrown the support of the EHD behind the initiative with the collection of trash bags and larger debris.

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