Historic $4m road works project in Kew Town, Glass Shack, first ever sidewalks under construction

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – March 1, 2018 — About one mile of sidewalks is currently being added to the infrastructure of native communities; and the simple addition of these concrete pathways throughout Glass Shack and Kew Town are notably historic.

“That roadwork project is a continuation of the Glass Shack round about rebuilding project, it is the second phase.  Now you will notice that all the roads in Glass Shack, including side roads are properly paved.  Right now they are on their last leg in the down town, Kew Town area.  They are actually hold up for the time being for Fortis to move their poles back a little so that they can handle the down town round-about and going into Walter Cox drive into the Kew Town area.”

Magnetic Media continues to advocate for greater consideration to be given to the pedestrian public of Providenciales who were seemingly forgotten as roadways and highways were developed in the island.

No pedestrian crossings on Leeward Highway.  No pedestrian crossings on Millennium Highway. And there had been no sidewalks anywhere beyond the Blue Hills round about heading northwest… until now.

“Sidewalks are also going in place and that is because of our new policy of making sure that pedestrians have some place to walk, instead of walking in the street.  All new road construction from here on in, will be done with sidewalks properly…”

Minister Goldray Ewing shared that the concrete work has a dual benefit.  

“Roads without sidewalks or curves continue to have these big gouges eaten out of the sides of the road, and to combat that action by heavy equipment we need to put curves and sidewalks on all roads.”

The TCI Cabinet on February 28, 2018 agreed to a company to complete the National Physical Development Plan which will mean more infrastructural enhancements nationally for these islands.

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