PDM moving to meet with the Commish

Providenciales, 23 Jun 2015 – When the Opposition PDM gets to meet with the Police Commissioner, their focus will center largely on the spate of crime which has shocked and rocked residents. Leader of the Party, Sharlene Robinson in that recent press conference talked about their concerns.

“The challenges that they face, you would remember that the Hon Goldray Ewing brought a private member’s motion to the House of Assembly looking at biometrics, using finger printing and CCTV and other tools to assist the police. We’ve made a case for that over and over and the government did vote in support of the motion but nothing has happened, the resources have not been put in place. We still believe that these are tools that the police can benefit from but we also want to hear the other challenges that they face that we may not be aware of and to make representation to them with regards to the importance of putting in place neighborhood watch committees because we see an increase – a lot of persons are not aware still – but there is an increase in home invasions and robberies.”

Hon Robinson added, “We have a new kind of criminal today. Before it used to be the person who would try to come in when you are not at home but now we have the person who comes in anticipating a possible encounter. We want to be on our guard, we want to become our brothers and sisters keepers and then again we want to speak to them about how we can help as community and national leaders. And this is something we would continue to do; continue periodically to meet with the Commissioner of Police to see how best we can assist.”

This week, the TC Weekly News is fishing for comments on the Father’s Day murder and other crimes and acts of violence in the country in recent months.

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