No one sick from Niagara Water; local stores say supplies not from recalled batch

Providenciales, 24 Jun 2015 – The Environmental Health Department says it is making rounds to stores and has issued a warning notice to alert the public of a voluntary recall of the popular Niagara Spring Water due to possible E. Coli contamination.

A couple of local grocery stores we checked in with say they do carry the brand but have already verified that theirs not the batch from a Pennsylvania plant, produced June 10-18.

Ken Burns of Graceway Supermarkets told Magnetic Media today: “We take all recalls very serious and get notified by our suppliers when there is one even if we do not source that product. We do carry this brand… none of this product was sent to the Suppliers distribution facility. They can track it by code and know exactly where it went. So the product we do have under this label is fine.”

Sunny Foods assured the same, that the codes impacted by the recall are not carried at their store.

Director of the EHD, Kenrick Neely said there have been no reports of anyone being sickened by bottled water in the TCI; there have been no reports of sickness anywhere for that matter according to Niagara Bottling company.

There are 14 brands under Niagara which have been recalled. Niagara in its own statement assured that they have made the recall out of an abundance of caution.

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