Environmental Health confirms amped up mosquito fogging

Providenciales, 19 Oct 2015 – Mosquito spraying efforts have indeed been beefed up in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin, confirmed over the weekend to Magnetic Media by Director of Environmental Health, Kenrick Neely.

“We had treated all of our swamps and now we’re here fogging especially here in Provo, North and Middle Caicos so at least we are going keep fogging Provo for the next week, and North and Middle for the next two weeks.”

Neely admitted that there were calls to EHD by residents who reported a wave of mosquitoes especially in Providenciales.

It was explained that fogging efforts are strongest in Provo, North and Middle Caicos and that this extra spraying will continue for another week as the EHD continues to monitor if more fogging is required.

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