Premier speaks his mind on Police and Crime

vlcsnap-2015-04-16-18h47m04s126Providenciales, 24 Jun 2015 – The Premier agrees that there is some information the police with holds that can be shared with the public without compromising investigations in order to boost appropriate arrests.
“…that as much as possible, without compromising security, I think there is some information you should be able to communicate with the public and I hope that he can give more information on some of those cases…”

The Premier also believes that government has to move more assiduously to enable ports to scan containers in an effort to thwart illegal gun smuggling.

“Sometimes guns come in via cars, vehicles that are being imported. So we know that is an area we have to tighten up with Customs. We were trying to put into place a program where we can have scanning of containers at the port of entry using new technology and we will be looking at that even more so than ever now than ever, because we really have to in the first instance, stop the importation of guns.”

And the country leader is of the view that the public knows a lot but is sharing nothing.

“We know in our communities who have the guns and person in our communities must take the initiative and report those persons whom they know have guns in their possessions, are illegal or even if it is not illegal. Police can do a background check to see if those individuals are licensed gun holders or not.”

During that crime matters press conference held yesterday by the Premier, it was explained that the Police Commissioner will hold his own media debriefing next week.

“The Commissioner of Police has committed to doing a press conference next week Tuesday and any specific technical questions that you may have I suggest that you start to accumulate them from now, so that during the press conference he can answer specifically some of those questions that you may ask.”

Hon Rufus Ewing said he is in regular communication with the Governor on National Security issues, and that he has met three times with James Smith, who was installed as Commissioner of Police since February 2015.

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