Hurricane Preparedness also means registration of less fortunate says DDME Director

Providenciales, 05 Jun 2015 – The Tropics remain quiet on the Atlantic Basin side of the National Hurricane Center board; Magnetic Media in a one on one with the Director of Disaster Management and Emergencies which spearheads coordination for storms or any disaster shared with us how the various agencies cope with the most vulnerable, which includes those who simply cannot afford the cost of preparing for a storm that may or may not come or even contending with the cost of the after effects if there is damage or loss.

Director of DDME, Dr. Virginia Clerveaux: “We want to encourage them to register with Social Welfare Department, if you are a part of that system then your name automatically goes into a vulnerable list so we’d have that list pre an event, and after an event we would know that these persons were already registered. After an event, we would also be working with the churches, we’ll be working with the NGOs, whether it is Rotary or Red Cross of ADRA to assist us in better identifying ‘poor’ persons in the communities that might have slipped through the cracks and we will also provide them with assistance. That is why after an impact, the most vulnerable are the ones that we give priority to. If someone else can manage, they have family that can assist them, they might not make it on top of our priority list, so there is some assistance for poor persons.”

On Monday, HPW or Hurricane Preparedness Week held an awareness ceremony at the Gus Lightbourne Gym and welcomed Minster responsible, George Lightbourne; Premier Rufus Ewing and Governor Peter Beckingham.

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