Fire at Five Cays Police Station

Providenciales, 24 Jun 2015 – FIRE AT FIVE CAYS police station late last night when a man reportedly walked up to the station and set a vehicle in the parking lot on fire.

The report to Magnetic Media is the man was shouting and said he was avenging young Jeff Walkin who was killed by police gunfire. Walkin killed on June 6 was said, by police to be armed, dangerous and firing at them. The matter is under investigation.

Meanwhile it seems a friend has retaliated with an accelerant soaked rag which set a confiscated vehicle ablaze around 11pm Tuesday night.

No one was hurt and Police have no one in custody for the fire attack according to our sources.

It is the second attack with fire on Police at one of its stations in a year. The other was at Chalk Sound station last September where a new police jeep was among the vehicles destroyed.

There has been no official report by police on this alleged arson/setting fire incident.

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