Turks and Caicos in serious talks with Panama for Tourism & Health relations

IMG_4290Providenciales, 08 May 2015 – Government revealed that they have been in dialogue with two sectors in Panama; which could lead to a significant boom in Latin American visitor arrivals for the country. Premier Rufus Ewing led a post cabinet press conference Thursday where media learned Health and Tourism officials have struck up serious talks with Panama for tourism and medical care links.

“What is more important is that the support and commitment from the various travel agents and resorts will be submitted to Copa (Airlines); they will be provided with a lot of data which is requested information on tourist arrivals, on businesses, on developments etc so that they could then take into consideration on a time, a date, a frequency…”
Dr. Rufus Ewing said striking an agreement with airlift to the Turks and Caicos from Panama, which is the hub for Copa Airlines, which services 72 destinations, will open up new opportunities including options for medical treatment referrals for overseas care at a more affordable rate.

“I believe we can save quite a bit, what some of the facilities that we visited and saw in Panama are facilities that are high class, high quality, high standards. Most of them have affiliations with US-based institutions like Johns Hopkins, like Cleveland Clinic, like Baptist Hospital and we know that the cost involved which we are getting more and more information on now, is cost that is much less than the cost you would get in the US.”

Currently, the Ministry of Health and Human Services is engrossed in a health planning workshop which the Minister of Health, who is Premier Ewing, promised to elaborate upon sometime today in another press conference, he said. While in Panama, the delegation which included Tourism Minister Hon Porsha Smith and Beaches Resort met with the British High Commissioner in that country.

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