Police confirm special forensics for remains found in Grand Turk

Providenciales, 20 Apr 2015 – In our continuing coverage of the Kevino Smith investigation, we can tell you that the body found will not undergo the typical autopsy. Police at a press conference in Grand Turk on Friday confirmed that a ‘forensic analysis’ is what they have in mind and according to head of the investigation, DCP Rodney Adams the case is being handled with special care to assure everything is done correctly. The cause of death tests will begin this week with results taking possibly as much as a week.

DCP Rodney Adams: “It is our intention to have the remains examined hopefully within the next week or so. (QUESTION: WILL THE FORENSICS BE DONE IN COUNTRY?) That is still being discussed with the pathologist in country, whether or not they have the tools necessary and the expertise, otherwise we will have to seek outside help.”

The public was advised to bring credible information to police as assistance with strong evidence is what police are looking for to secure any arrests.

Superintendent Darron Williams: “The speculation that is being rumored in the communities can be a danger to the investigation, and we are appealing to the public to discontinue this. We don’t want in any way to compromise this investigation, we are going without a shadow of a doubt and we are going to relentlessly investigate this matter and we ask that the public just bear with us. We are getting information from the public, and we are checking them out as much as we can. We do not want the public to provide us with false information or to implicate anyone.”

No suspects were confirmed or identified. A family liaison officer has been assigned to the Smith’s.

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