Natl Honors & Awards nominee forms available

Providenciales, 16 Apr 2015 – Nominations are now being accepted for the seven National Awards and Medals and the deadline for entries is June 30th, 2015. During a radio talk show to the nation on Wednesday, the National Awards and Honors Committee explained how the bestowels will work and how the public has been really made the architects of who will be rewarded for their selflessness to country and humanity. Dr. Linda Williams led a vigorous discussion as Chairman of the committee and explained that the forms are available in every island and cay and finally gives the public the chance to say, and with evidence, who it believes should be a National Hero. Also on the Committee, Bill Archie Clare, who shared that this journey started in 2003 and has since grown to now encompass a national award for Youth. There is a guidelines booklet, which explains the criteria of the nominees and a form at the back of that very same booklet can be filled out.

Nominations must be in on time, the Committee will only be responsible for handing over a list of candidates to the TCI Cabinet – they are not the selectors of the winners and cannot themselves be nominated while serving on this prestigious body. Cabinet ultimately determines who will be awarded year by year under the auspices of the Premier. While only one National Hero will be awarded each year, other categories can have up to four candidates gaining a medal or the honor. Again, you can now find the purple and golden colored guidelines booklet countrywide at clinics, hospitals, NIB, NHIB, Office of the Premier, libraries and District Commissioners’ offices. Other Committee members include: Agnes Swann, Karen Missick, Rev Dr. Conrad Howell, Llewlyn Handfield and former speaker of the House, Oneal Delancy.

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