Tailored Vector Control program ends day two of workshop

Providenciales, 24 Mar 2015 – It is being described as a refresher and an enlightener by the thirty public and private sector participants in an ongoing Vector Control Workshop which is being staged at Blue Have Resort and hosted by the Environmental Health Department.
My name is Lorene Robinson, the Truly Nolen Manager: it’s very informative for one.”

Alfred Robinson, Supervisor for Vector Control, Middle and North Caicos: It’s a very good thing, we need more training like this…”

Deon Wilson, Vector Control Supervisor, Providenciales: “At this time in the country we’ve been having different diseases popping up, this is very timely.”

Bradley Walkin, General Manager for Orkin Turks and Caicos; what’s most interesting to me is how other countries deal with the problem of vector control especially with mosquitoes and everything, as you know, they are a leading factor in disease control and disease carrying..”

Dr. Christian Frederickson is the main presenter and is Medical Entomologist from CARPHA; his presentations have been getting stellar reviews.

Environmental Health Director, Kenrick Neely explained the program is tailored to the Turks and Caicos. “For the last year and a half the Ministry of Health and Environmental Health have spoken about a training session in country and the reason for this workshop is for mosquito identification to see what we have in country and any resistance to our chemicals. So the workshop is all focused and Turks and Caicos based.”

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