Bleaching suspected of TCI Coral Reefs; investigation launched

Providenciales, 17 Feb 2015 – Five years of damage may have already been done to some of Providenciales’ coral reefs after fishermen found nearly 40 empty bleach bottles stashed in bushes in the Leeward area. The discovery inspired a call to the authorities and on Friday, PTV8 carried a report that DEMA has launched an investigation into this illicit act – an act detrimental to coral reefs and the species dependent upon them. It is believed that bleaching is a part of the reason the buoyancy of the lobster industry in particular has suffered; bleaching is an easy way to catch lobster… but it is also has long term effects; stripping the reefs of the tropical colors which lures marine life and reducing the habitats – all at the same time.

At this time, DEMA officers are fuming at the irresponsibility of those who may be doing this damage, but appeared to have no leads in this investigation. If you know anything… and because this is a crime against the environment and the export industry of the country, you can call Crime Stoppers. Offenders are not only fined up to $50,000 but can pay that fine and spend time in jail.

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