Possible appeal from Leeward Representative for Claims & Objections to Voter List

Providenciales, 04 Mar 2016 – There may be an appeal by the Deputy Premier to the decision of the Claims and Objections hearing not to hear, what she contends is a valid claim which impacts the voter list in the next General Elections.

The Member of Parliament for Leeward, Akierra Missick said while the law does say she cannot make a claim or objection unless she is resident in the area for which the challenge is being brought, she believes her issue is valid and that it is the duty of the Election supervisor to ensure, fair and free elections in the TCI.

It seems the new boundaries, according to the claim, caused voters to be placed in the incorrect electoral district in a few instances.

Chairman of the PDM Doug Parnell said the claim or objection is very easily brought by someone of the constituency; it is what the PNP could have done, he said.

Nonetheless, DP Missick said if the Elections Supervisor ultimately places those voters who are in the wrong constituency in the right one, then there will be no need for an appeal.

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