Providenciales, 06 Jan 2015 – Police with the family of Kentley Walters displayed disbelief and horror at the killing of the 19 year old young man on December 27. Well known financial sector executive, Kenrick Walters who is Kentley’s older brother gave a statement in an aim to help the public understand who Kentley was and is to them and how much they are in need of public help. “Kentley was a good kid; he was not involved in any kind of gang, he was not a trouble maker, he has never harmed anyone nor has he ever been in any trouble with the police; he was a quiet young man with a caring heart who loved his family very much and who had a passion for playing basketball. Those of you who knew him, knew of his tremendous talent on the basketball court and of his pleasant and respectful demeanor off the basketball court. He had so many hopes and dreams, no one had the right to take them away from him. Kentley did not deserve this passion for basketball Emotionally expressing himself; the family was thankful for the tips so far, but wanted others who could assist with information in catching Kentley’s killer or killers to know that there are still some gaps.

“Kentley was murdered in a public place, in front of many eyewitnesses and we know there are many who saw what happened and can assist the police with their investigation. We urge you to come forward. There are also those who may have learned crucial information about this crime after the fact, we beseech you to come forward.” There was even a plea for the individuals responsible for the stabbing death of the young man, who was a talented player with the Provo Basketball League to come forward. “To the perpetrators of this crime, we urge you to come forward as face justice. We cannot understand what dark forces led you down the path of taking an innocent life, but despite the tremendous hurt and loss that we feel, we harbour no hate towards you, we forgive you for what you have done to Kentley, to our family, to this community… we forgive you.” Criminal Investigation Department Superintendent, Clifford Ashton and Inspector Williams shunned questions on details of the case; explaining only that as information is available the media and public will receive it. This move was a more proactive approach by the RTCIPF to seek justice. “There are people in the community who saw and who know what has happened, and there are people I the community who can bring justice to the perpetrators and closure to the Walters family.”

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