InterCaribbean integral in Jamaica Trade Mission to TCI

Providenciales, 20 Jan 2015 – From a welcome reception at Kalooki’s in Blue Hills last night to this morning preparing for an all-day Trade show; the inaugural visit of a group of Jamaican-based companies and manufacturers, which arrived in the TCI yesterday is progressing well and the Trade Mission delegation is excited about a chance to dialogue with local stakeholders. During the InterCaribbean Airways hosted cocktail we spoke to Trevor Sadler, General Manager of InterCaribbean who shared this connection is a part of the company’s vision to link the northern Caribbean for pleasure and business.

Trevor Sadler, GM, InterCaribbean Airways: “In order for trade to develop across the Caribbean, there has to be air service links to make these things happen for business to be able to do business with their neighboring country. In some cases I can get to the neighboring country if there was a flight but I didn’t have a Visa to go via the United States; so beginning to create air service links that allowed the countries to connect with one another without having to go through the United States was an enabler for many to begin to do business. In the case of the Jamaica’s Exporters Association, we worked with them to help identify what products or the possibilities, how we can then help them come to the market and so the dialogue with the Chamber began in order to establish opening those doors and today this culminated in this first trade mission between Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands.”

A welcome to the TCI by the Chamber of Commerce President, E Jay Saunders and the country’s Finance and Investment Minister, Washington Missick came as guests savored the seafood cuisine and fine hospitality at Kalooki’s. Tonight a farewell gathering is set for Beaches Resort Villages and Spa.

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