Domestic Airline Companies institute insecticide spraying to ward off Zika

Providenciales, 09 Feb 2016 – TCI domestic airliners who fly to regional countries with Zika Virus say they are doing their part to make sure they kill any mosquitoes which may be stowaway in their aircraft; and keeping passengers on board safe from possible infection.

Magnetic Media got comment from InterCaribbean Airways which flies to four nations – Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico – reporting Zika; CEO, Trevor Sadler said, “We made the decision to begin to spray all of our aircraft inbound to the Turks & Caicos, to ensure that we mitigate any introduction of the Zika carrying mosquito.”

ICA says it voluntarily instituted this measure two weeks ago. Still, there is fall out for the airline and the TCI and the Caribbean; Sadler added: “To date we have had two pregnant ladies wishing to cancel their flights with us, simply not wanting to come to the Turks & Caicos or the Caribbean, regardless of the current position of no cases in the Turks & Caicos.”

InterCaribbean, as is other airlines, fully refunded the tickets. Caicos Express Airways is also taking initiative, Operations Manager, Stephane Menelas said to us: “We spray with insecticides and disinfectant spray to ensure we minimize the risk anytime our airplanes comes from international. We are doing all we can on our part to minimize the risk.”

Caicos Express flies to Haiti and is sometimes leased for international charters.

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