Opposition Enraged by Premier’s Comments

Sharlene robinson

Providenciales, 09 Oct 2014 – The official Opposition enraged by comments from the Premier and so called confusion from his Cabinet. In two press releases the PDM accused the Premier of a bad budget which limits the needed resources for the civil service. Chiding the nation’s leader for his criticism of the GSS Ministry which for the second consecutive year had been given only $300,000 to fix all 14 public schools.

The PDM points out this was the reason painting of schools was cut from the refurbishment… the party says Hon Dr Rufus Ewing, who was once a civil servant himself should never attack the public sector. “Rather than complaining and casting blame on everyone and everything else, the Premier and his Government needs to govern. It is only after public pressure was applied did the Premier attack. He ought to have known the state of schools and should have allocated more resources.” The PDM also saying government is giving what the party believes is false hope and faulty information to residents of the family islands who are calling for stronger local government… this reportedly came out during the Constitutional Review Committee meetings, which were held in all islands.

Hon Sharlene Robinson, the PDM leader explained that while there are reports of a consultation with the opposition to re-introduce local government… there has been none. Adding that the message sent by Minister for Border Control, Hon Donhue Gardiner and the Deputy Premier were gravely different. One promised it was coming… the other promised it was already happening and that Hon Gardiner and Home Affairs Minister, Amanda Missick were appointed to lead the charge.

Sharlene Robinson said: “Who or what do we believe? With two very different approaches announced within a week of each other, we are disappointed for the people who have been calling for it.” The PDM says it supports local government’s return.

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