Mysterious Deaths and an Alleged Shady Deal

Providenciales, 28 Oct 2014 – A set of mysterious deaths and an alleged shady deal of a father and son from Canada are leaving a mess at the morgue in Provo. We are following the fine details of this case, but for now we can confirm that health officials are faced with a badly decayed body which has been housed at the morgue for a year. No member of the family will come and get the body of the man from Canada.

Apparently the daughter of this man, who is tied to some sort of money scheme in Canada where reports are he was hiding nearly a million dollars in the TCI, says she cannot afford to get the remains. Procedure would dictate that the family could ask for help from the Canadian High Commission; Magnetic Media is told that has not happened. We are also informed that the family appointed an expat resident to collect monies and other belongings of the deceased. The claim is the dead man had no money. Others believe otherwise.

In a suspect coincidence… both father and son; who were tied to this dodgy scheme where money was funneled to the Turks and Caicos died a year apart of each other – one found dead on the beach, the other dead in his room; both in Provo. Autopsies in both cases turned up nothing, according to authorities. At this stage government will have to make provision for burial, but Health Officials are not stating what they will do in this very odd matter.

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