Fortis TCI Won Legal Final Ruling Over Islandcom

Providenciales, 21 Oct 2014 – Since 2011, Fortis TCI and Islandcom have been in a legal wrangle which ended yesterday with the power company winning in a final ruling. The two were battling over a frequency which Islandcom claimed it had exclusive right to… and one which the telecoms company said Fortis infiltrated, costing them an undisclosed bundle of the money in order to remain operating in the TCI. Fortis won the first case; Islandcom appealed at the Privy Council and again Fortis has won seemingly on the basis that the frequency was not proven to be exclusive to Islandcom.

In a statement yesterday, Fortis said: “it is pleased to announce that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, in the matter of FortisTCI Limited vs. Islandcom Telecommunications Limited, has ruled in favour of the Company on all three grounds of appeal.” FortisTCI President and Chief Executive Officer Eddinton Powell said, “We are happy to have this matter behind us.”

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