Junior Achievement of Turks & Caicos Islands Seeks Sponsors

We are challenging your company to become a Corporate sponsor to mentor students to this valuable program. We are requesting a meeting to outline what your company involvement would entail in sponsoring and supporting this Junior Achievement program for the upcoming year. BE A PART OF THIS REWARDING EXPERIENCE!

Please let us know if you know any students who would be interested in being part of a team. They will certainly learn how to become an team player and valuable business learning skills in years to come.

Please let me know when there is an acceptable time and date to meet in regards to this program should you be interested in being apart of this exciting program, thank you.

The TCI Young Enterprise programme is pleased to announce that we have moved over to the Junior Achievement programme for North America. This program provides young people with the opportunity to build valuable business skills by helping them design, create, manage and sustain their own unique, income-generating enterprises. We are now into our third year of offering this program to our students of Turks & Caicos Islands in which they have the opportunity to grow with the programme longer then one year.

We would like for you to join our Team as a Corporation Sponsor. Sponsoring a company is only $2,500.00. Your involvement will engage and inspire young persons through the sharing of your company skills. Your direct support will empower them with the confidence, ability and ambition to succeed in life. Please see attached outline of this program.

This programme starts September through June, 2015.

If you would like more information please contact Wendy Hill 649-332-6418 or Angela Musgrove at 649-331-4892 or email thank you

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