Employment Ministry launches consultation for new Employment laws

Providenciales, 18 May 2015 – Consultation started today and so did the announcement blasts from the Providenciales Chamber of Commerce that the Ministry of Border Control and Employment wants to engage the business sector for the next few weeks. The Ministry is working on amending the current Employment Ordinance and explains that, “More specifically, the Employment Ordinance has been subject to a number of criticisms by the courts and there is a need to bring the law into conformity with accurate legal principle. The Ordinance is also out of sync with several important legal developments in employment law and in some instances, inaccurately frames employment law concepts, such as established concepts on dismissal and discrimination. Likewise, there are several contradictions, inconsistencies, repetitions and uncertainties in the current Employment Ordinance.” Sounds like heavy lifting, but as the country modernizes, the PNP Administration believes and has obviously been cautioned that the alterations are necessary.

The dispatch to Chamber of Commerce members explains that the proposed changes also focus on: consolidating the existing Orders on wages, hours of work, vacation and redundancy; transfer jurisdiction on cases to the Labour Tribunal or the Commissioner of Labour where appropriate and the Ministry wants to make fresh provision for the regulation of terms of employment, the remuneration of employees, the termination of employment, the hours of work of employees and the resolution of employment disputes. With so many changes proposed, the Administration wants an entirely new Employment Ordinance and as set up an online survey. Nonetheless the consultation will last under a month, once again, a seemingly hurried approach to a potentially longstanding set of laws which will impact every citizen of the country. Consultation Period is May 18 to June 12, 2015. Go to our report at for the link to the survey.

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