Government Assessed $250M for TS Cristobal Recovery

A quarter of a million dollars is what government estimates the recovery has directly forced in direct spending so far as the Premier yesterday, following a meeting declared that the country is bouncing back from TS Cristobal. The Storm for three days last week impacted weather conditions here; and dumped 14 inches of rain, according to government, on these islands. The flooding so severe in North Caicos for example, that the national disaster committee formed in the aftermath of the storm said it compares easily to the flooding in 1995, which took one month for North Caicos to be returned to a state of normalcy. That emergency committee, co-chaired by the Premier Rufus Ewing and the Governor, with the acting Governor Anya Williams – in for Peter Beckingham – explained that: “This cost is directly attributed to the rental of heavy equipment, the creation of the new access route, the construction of five new additional wells in the Leeward district and other recovery costs, such as anti-mosquito chemicals.” The work is not over obviously… on Monday the DDME telling MM it estimates another week; and now damage assessment teams have been mobilized to the various affected areas on both North Caicos and Providenciales and will be assessing damages that are still in place.

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