Crime not Political, Communities must help

Providenciales, TCI, February 7, 2017 – The TCI Government came in late but did last night address the crime reports from the weekend which included armed robbery, house break-ins and the shooting of a former Government leader.

Acting Premier, Sean Astwood said police patrols have been beefed up, that residents now more than ever must establish crime watch in their communities and reminded that crime is not political.  Minister Astwood, who heads Border Control and is on deck while Premier Sharlene Robinson is at meetings in London with UK Foreign Minister, Baroness Anelay divulged that in a matter of weeks, the PDM’s 12 point plan to curb crime will be activated.   “We have already begun to make representation in the National Security Council and will hold meetings for a pointed dialogue as promised (through a Task Force) in the Throne Speech.” 

A task force is what at least one resident told Magnetic Media she wants to see, following that comment from Edith Skippings, others wrote to say they believe outside forces need to come in – from Jamaica, from the United States, from Scotland Yard in the UK and from The Bahamas.

Edith Skippings believes Police are too cozy with the residents; outsiders need to do the job.  “I think maybe we need to reach out to the Bahamas and recruit a few Police Officers from there for the time being to come over and help and clean up this situation, to put this situation under control, and show the people that are causing all this crime and sadness here in the Turks and Caicos that we mean business.” 

Minister Astwood in that media statement points out ways the Community can help; Parents ensuring your children are on curfews and its back to that popular slogan, if you ‘see something, say something’… information to Police is vital in solving crime and getting criminals off the streets.

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