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TCI: Sapodilla Bay sizzles and Guests LOVE it

#TurksandCaicos, May 30, 2021 – The native brown pelican sits in the low waters of another low tide and appears to be enthralled by the buzz on the beach; the statuesque bird with his crown of white features seems captivated by the play of people and reluctantly returns to the skies when a young boy gets too close.

A rock jetty is an alluring adventure for couples.  The soft waves and cushiony sand in the waters below it are soothing and sensual. 

Multi-million dollar homes line the pristine shore while a gentle breeze, warming sun and bursts of laughter and Caribbean rhythms remind those visiting that they are far from home, in more ways than one.

A new attraction is an old favorite; Sapodilla Beach is revived in a way that is drawing dozens of guests to the space and giving islanders a shot at earning a piece of the lucrative tourism pie.

Watersports activities in the surf; souvenirs in the shade and a tiki hut bar constructed in the ocean expose the dimensions of creativity of islanders who on a hustle made the bold move to Sapodilla and are now reaping solid returns.

Guests say they love it.

A Vlogger from Philly, also a descendant of Jamaica, said the music was just right.  That along with her husband, she has managed to get a few cat naps while taking in the tranquility of the Chalk Sound located beach.  In no time, the cell phone camera was on and capturing me and Kenysha in a banter about Sapodilla Beach.  She has a channel on YouTube:  KBot LV:  Your Guide to Living the Life you Desire.

A nurse, said she was happy for the break.  The health care worker admitted that the rigors of doing her job amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic demanded that she completely change the scene for herself.  Turks and Caicos offered that, she felt safe, welcomed, relaxed and was adoring in her descriptions about Sapodilla Beach and vacation.  She was reading a book and delighted in breaking to talk to David, my son, who drew his name for her in the sand. 

The vendors told me the tourists are in love with the spot.  They can chill, interact with natives and watch the sun set with good island vibes in the music and in the drinks being served.  The vendors are set up for activity, relaxing and fun from around 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. 

The tiki bar is the most popular activity and you could easily label it the heartbeat of this new hot spot.  Giant floaty toys for children, modern jet skis, colourful kayaks and stand-up paddle boards and a big bouncy ride which takes up to three people on a journey to a sunken ship.  The menu of activities is delicious.

Government says they want to regularize the spot.  Clean it up.  Perhaps open it up to more vendors in a long term opportunity for the residents among  us who love the hustle and the hospitality of serving up fun on the beach.

There is a lot to love about Providenciales, Turks and Caicos and we think this new happening adds to that list.  Sapodilla Beach has long been treasured, but without a doubt it has gotten a new wind and warrants a new description and another look when you are hunting for somewhere to go or something to do.

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