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TCI: Covid-19 Vaccination Could Solve the Current Public Health Stalemate For Good, Experts Say

#TurksandCaicos, April 29, 2021 – More Turks and Caicos residents are set to be vaccinated as the global vaccination drive gains traction despite many conspiracies surrounding the vaccination programs. Since the onset of the Covid-19 vaccination drives, different groups have been reluctant due to several reasons, which can be religious-based or personal factors. 

Since the Coronavirus is apparently not having a cure, vaccination is the only feasible way to cut through the wave and fully reopen the economy.  After all, no government will fully re-open its economy when people are dying due to the Coronavirus. 

While some people fear getting the Covid vaccine due to the information they read online or hear about the dangers of injecting the vaccine concoctions into one’s body.  Vaccine manufacturers uphold the highest pharmaceutical standards in the manufacturing processes and storage of the Covid-19 vaccines, making them safe for human use. 

Based on the expert view from highly experienced constitutional and human rights attorneys and professional medical experts during the ‘Norman Marley Lecture 2021,’ getting vaccinated for Covid disease is both an individual and governmental responsibility. 

From national law, international law, labour law, medical and human rights perspective, getting vaccinated against the COVID disease does more good than harm. Even though it’s a government’s mandate to get its population vaccinated in a bid to contain the pandemic, vaccinated individuals are set to enjoy many benefits locally and internationally as the efforts to issue COVID vaccination are underway. 

One of the obvious benefits of getting vaccinated is that your body will build immunity against the Covid-19 virus, reducing your chances of getting infected. In addition to individual protection, it can help one avoid business closure that can otherwise occur if infected. 

The panelists explained, moreover, getting vaccinated is part of the recent compliance regulations in most workplaces worldwide. As such, you can enjoy a seamless work experience without fear or doubt. Better yet, you’ll enjoy priority service and incentives not available to those who are yet to be vaccinated. 

While the TCI economy crashed into a recession due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, having at least 70 per cent of the residents vaccinated will guarantee quicker re-opening of the economy, explains officials including the Governor, Premier, Deputy Governor and Minster of Health.

The leaders at different time have expressed their foregone conclusion that  getting a full dose of Covid-19 vaccine is essential in solving the current public health crisis, staying healthy and being immune to the virus, and keeping loved ones safe. 

During the discussion, carried live on YouTube on World Health Day, April 7 it was widely conveyed that as much as one may feel that they have the right to boycott vaccination, it’s also important to note that everyone has the right to healthy living, which is the bottom line of the intensified vaccination process. 

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