Sharlene Robinson resignation; PDM still unable to face the nation

#TurksandCaicos, February 24, 2021 – It has been five days since the 2021 General Elections and there is still no address or press event from the PDM Camp.  It appears the Opposition is  still unable to face the nation following a devastating loss at the polls on February 19.

News is slipping out of the huddle, and the Magnate has learned that a National General Council Meeting of the party on Monday night has announced  Alvin Garland as the appointed member who will join Edwin Astwood on the opposition side in the House of Assembly. 

Garland has served as attorney for the PDM in times past and is a partner at Garland & Co law firm in Providenciales. 

The appointment has caused a rift, though the Party is still not talking.  There has been no official statement to the public since the crushing loss of the People’s Democratic Movement at the polls.

More shockingly, it is expected Sharlene Robinson, who led the party to the shocking defeat will or has already resigned the office, which she has held since 2013.

Constitutionally within the PDM, the deputy leader assumes the leader role until a National convention decision sets up a new party executive, we are told.

None of the current party executives, the former party leader or the current Leader of Opposition business are answering calls or messages from our news organization. 

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