Requirement for a Voter to have his/her finger INKED during the Voting Process

PRESS RELEASE (February 13, 2021):  The Supervisor of Elections would like to remind all Electors that it is a requirement, under Section 45 (9) (d) of the Elections Ordinance, for a voter to have his/her finger inked as part of the voting process. If the voter refuses, he/she will not be allowed to vote.

Section 45 (9) (d) of the Election Ordinance (2020 Amendments) states that:

“the Presiding Officer shall require the voter to have his finger to be marked with ink or a dye and shall not allow the voter to vote if the voter refuses to have his finger so marked”.

This matter was raised during a recent meeting with representatives from both political parties and the independent candidates, and there was consensus that the law governing the marking of a voter’s finger should be strictly enforced, without exception.

Please be guided by this as you go to the polling stations on 19 February 2021.

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