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TCI’s Shandrique Ebanks: ‘Covid has taken our right to play’; Mills celebrates regional writing stand out

#Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands – December 1, 2020 – Reading and writing are fundamentals for learning and Mills Institute in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos has determined it will elevate the profile of these foundational skills for a standard of excellence which is returning national and regional successes for the school and its students.

In 2020, Mills Institute has captured top prizes in a national essay competition hosted by grocery store conglomerate, Graceway Supermarkets.  De’Aysia Seymour and Rodney Adams won first and second place respectively in the Graceway IGA Staying Blue Essay Competition.  


Now, there is a regional first runner up and her name is Shandrique Ebanks.  With a bright smile, curious eyes and razor sharp comprehension skills, Shandrique has made her family overwhelmingly proud.

An excerpt: “covid19 has put a really big hole in our social life. We miss playing together on the monkey bars at school. This new lifestyle has taken away our rights to play. “

“I am just so proud of Shan, so very proud of her,” said her mother who is also a teacher at the school.

Mills Institute in a statement said:   “For a second year in a row Mills Institute has secured a top position in the UWI & UNICEF Caribbean Child Research Conference Essay Competition. This year, fifth grader, Shandrique Ebanks captured second place position for the school once again in the regional competition. She read her essay at the virtual conference and excerpts have been posted in the Jamaica Observer’s last week’s edition.” 


Mills Institute has excelled in the University of the West Indies and UNICEF hosted essay contest before.

“Last year the school’s sixth grader, De’Aysia Seymour was placed second in the competition, and she later traveled to Barbados to read her essay for the delegates at the conference,” informed Mills Institute.  The school also shared that another of their talented writers rounded out the top submissions, “…Shaneisa Taylor, a Grade 6 student at the school, secured a top 10 position, both in the category 8-11 years.”

The children penned their thoughts on a weighty and timely subject:   “The Impact of Covid-19 on Children.

Shandrique Ebanks

Mills Institute said they are pleased to be blazing a trail with brilliant young writers.

“We are excited to see that that the emphasis we have been placing on training our staff in the teaching of Creative Writing over the years is now paying huge dividends, our students are excelling not only locally but regionally. Congratulations to Shandrique and Shaneisa for your stellar achievements. I also commend all the other students whose essays were selected for entry in this important  competition. Continue to blaze the trail for academic achievement,” said Deputy Director Debby-Lee Mills.

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