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PNP Statement on Turks & Caicos school re-opening announcement

#TurksandCaicos – December 31, 2020 – For the second consecutive school term since the Covid-19 Pandemic closed schools, the Ministry of Education has been late in communicating a decision regarding the education of our children.

Despite the road map and phased approach published by the Ministry, the lack of communication and late notice to parents has once more placed the children, teachers, and education stake holders at a grave disadvantage. The Ministry was well aware of the rise in Covid-19 cases and its potential impact on the reopening of school prior to this 11th hour announcement.

In addition to being late with the information, once again parents had to take to social media platform in order to get the feedback and direction needed. Our children should not be an afterthought. No one should have to remind the Minister that schools are due to re-open soon, nor should citizens have to continue the plea to provide learning resources to enable students to cope with the challenges of our time.

Moreover, this PDM administration have not made the necessary preparation to equip parents, students or teachers with the resources needed to continue the Online Classes and blended learning platforms. Not to mention the parents who still do not have the devices and Internet services to successfully participate in online classrooms. Moreover, what about the parents who have since returned back to work or are about to return to work? The late notice is certainly unfair to them.

Where is the announcement of additional devices being supplied to students in need? Where is the contingency plan to ensure efficient and inclusive education is taking place for all students? There are and continues to be too many children being left behind in this country during this online and blended learning phase due to the Pandemic.

The current government needs a better plan. The children of this country, the parents and the teachers deserve better from The PDM administration.


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