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BAHAMAS: Missing people reports out of Abaco, scores out of touch with loved ones

#Bahamas, September 2, 2019 – A usually active news and information source, Nevardo Saunders, who lives in Freeport, Grand Bahama supported the morphing of his Facebook page into a place for people to report missing or out of touch loved ones

Reports included: A woman and her children trapped in Central Pines.  Another woman and her family stuck on a roof top.  Another report of a family trapped in a car near the clinic; all from Abaco where the images of the devastation caused by the hurricane Dorian were gut-wrenching, heart-breaking and dismally shocking.

A mother – Duraan Francis – and her two boys had not heard from up to 11 pm Sunday.  They are from Murphy Town, Abaco.

Natalie, Alivia, Clint, Bianca and Clare – The Currys – were not heard from up to 1 am today.  Alivia is just a baby and phone numbers were given as a relative begged for Facebook fans of Mr. Saunders to help her find her family.

Pregnant, Azria Hall was also out of touch according to her older sister.  That information was posted around 1 am by Nina Pinder.

In one case, there is confirmation that a family of three – mother and two children – were reached and are okay.

On the others, there is silence. 

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