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TCI: Free Swim Camp in North & Middle Caicos

#Providenciales, August 15, 2019 – Turks and Caicos – The 2nd annual North & Middle Caicos Swim Project designed and delivered by SURFside Ocean Academy was a huge success this July.  With 40 participants ranging from ages 5 to adult and of various swim abilities from beginner to advanced, the 5 day swim program was was well received by the islands of both North and Middle Caicos.  Morgan Luker of SURFside Ocean Academy headed up the aquatic initiative, but volunteer teacher Sara Kaufman and volunteer driver Jessicalynn Thompson made sure that the program could reach all and any that could join.

“I really think I had the most rewarding week of my life with the students from North & Middle Caicos.  Of particular interest to me again, was the the natural talent that the students have for swim technique.  We had one 17 year old boy that was a complete non-swimmer on Day 1, and after 5 days he was floating on his front and back, blowing bubbles properly, treading water, and also doing front crawl and back stroke with super technique,” said Luker.

Students were taught basic water safety skills such as floating and treading water and always swimming with permission, as well as proper stroke technique and drills.  As well as learning the basics of all 4 swim strokes, participants in the intermediate and advanced levels were also introduced to some lifesaving skills.  The group were taught  how to react and safely help persons that require assistance in the water, as well as how to protect and help themselves from others.  

This FREE camp was all made possible this year with the donation of one very generous member of our community who also believes in the importance of learning how to swim, and water safety for all islands.  “I would like to thank our special sponsor for helping to make this camp affordable for all persons on North & Middle Caicos.  You are making a very big difference in a lot of people’s lives, thank you!!!” thanked Luker.

At the end of August, SURFside will return to Grand Turks for the 2nd Annual Swim Project from August 26-30 in which they will deliver a similar program.  Registration is $5 per person.  Spaces are limited.

SURFside Ocean Academy is the national Affiliate for Lifesaving Society of Ontario.  



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